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Welcome to Lord of the Cigars Corporation - Distributor, Wholesaler, and Exporter of Premium Cigars

Horacio cigars were first produced in Costa Rica, as the result of a meeting between three aficionados at the dawn
of the third millennium. Today, their unique expertise in every step from design to distribution has made them
key players in the world of Caribbean cigars. After several months of operation, guided by their pursuit of
excellence, the friends moved production from Costa Rica to Nicaragua, and more specifically Esteli, a hub for
high-end cigar production. In fact, some of the best supplies in the world are sourced in Nicaragua, which also
offers a concentration of cigar-making expertise. The choice and selection of the best tobaccos allowed them to
create a product worthy of haute couture. This careful and rigorous work enabled the brand to gain market share
rapidly. Lovers of characterful cigars were quickly won over. This quality is found in every product, as each cigar is
rolled only from whole leaves by the hands of the most experienced torcedores. The extremely well-filled cigars
are firm to the touch. Wrappers are rich and silky, applied with great care and rigour. In response to the wishes
of cigar lovers, the creative team regularly presents new products in order to meet the evolving tastes and
requirements of aficionados.

Horacio offers (9) vitola Classic Lines, (9) maduro lines, and (5) limited edition lines, which include Jacques Chancel (5 1/8 x 55), Boloso (5 1/2 x 54), and XXL (7×70). For additional information on all the vitolas, please send us an email.

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