HORACIO COLOSSO Edicion Especial 2015


Feel the magnificent

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Feel the magnificent odour of the prosperity and luxury. It is not just a pleasant habit – it’s a lifestyle. It is a way of self-expression; it is a unique type of the world-view. You know that cigars were always a vivid symbol of the intelligence and the well-being. Cigars have a great number of different original traditions. Nowadays cigars are the essential part of the culture. We are sure that you will like the taste of our products because it’s truly perfect. You can’t even imagine how glad we are to present you our goods. It is a big honor to provide only the best cigars. There is no doubt about the quality of our products because we sell only the premium quality cigars at fair prices. We are the true experts in this sphere and that is why our company takes the leading position in the market.

The numerous fans all over the country are the best proof of our reputation. We provide the perfect aroma for you. Our unbelievable choice will be a nice surprise for you. We can satisfy different clients with the different demands because our goal is to always stay in touch with the latest news and tendencies of our business. Our goods have a lot of different advantages such as high quality, original design and reliability. Our store sells something bigger than just the cigars; we are offering everything concerning this good because it has many related products and accessories. We are ready to help if you have got some questions about our goods, terms and shipping. Our company hopes that we will suit your most whimsical demands and wishes.


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