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Welcome to Lord of the Cigars Corporation - Distributor, Wholesaler, and Exporter of Premium Cigars

Yunior LopezMy passion for fine cigars began at an early age in my native Cuba. I was born into a family of chemists, doctors, and lawyers, but distinctly remember cigars always being a part of my families life. My mother, a chemical engineer, picked tobacco in the fields as a part time job, while my dad worked its harvest in the famous Pinar Del Rio region of Cuba. Today, several of my cousins still work in the Cuban cigar industry as master rollers in the Cohiba and Partagas factories.

Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, mishaps which involved being stuck in the middle of the ocean, and being rescued and held captive by the U.S. Coastguard at Guantanamo Bay, my family settled in Las Vegas, NV, where casinos and cigars were a match made in heaven. Again, cigars were always around me and I knew one day I would own my own company. That day came in January of 2013. The opportunity to manufacture my own brand came up and I didn’t think twice. I put my music career on hold and joined my family in Miami, FL to begin production of the Don Lopez line. In 2015, the Don Lopez Cigar Company merged with Lord of the Cigars, and cigar line is now on its distribution roster. That same year the Lord of the Cigars Corporation sold over 1 million cigars in bundles and premium lines.

As a classically trained musician, I know first hand the importance of balance, consistency, and work ethic. In addition, persistence and perfectionism have played a big role in my success as a musician and entrepreneur, and can only imagine Don Lopez becoming one of the most sought after cigar brands in the world. If you have yet to try our cigars I welcome you to have a taste and email/call me personally to give your thoughts. Regardless of my performing, recording, and travel schedule, I’m always available to talk about cigars and look forward to meeting the customers who call my cigars their favorite smokes.


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